HSX Services

HSX Services

Secure data connection among multiple providers.  Supports functional status of all other services.

Secure point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers

Notifies subscribers when a patient is hospitalized and/or discharged

Identifies a patient’s location and status within the regional healthcare system

Provides a unified view of a patient's history from multiple sources

Receive a Clinical Activity History for a patient

Send clinical information to a patient's care team

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Under Maintenance

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HSX Metrics At A Glance

Patients in HSX’s
Master Patient Index
as of June 2022
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HSX Provider Directory
as of June 2022
Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Collects and retains medical-records data about patients, permitting a patient's provider and/or care-team members to query for clinical information about the patient.

Encounter Notification Service (ENS)
Delivers to service subscribers a notification when one of their patients or members is hospitalized or presents to an emergency department and/or is subsequently discharged.
Direct Secure Messaging (DIRECT)
Point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers’ direct addresses using the national Direct Project standards — included, but not limited to, sending of continuity of care (C-CDA) documents with discharge information and referrals for transitions of care. HSX can offer direct addresses to providers and organizations, as needed.
Urgent Patient Activity Liaison Service (uPAL)

The Urgent Patient Activity Liaison (uPAL) service identifies a patient’s admission, discharge, or transfer location and date/time within the regional healthcare system, serving as a patient locator service that takes advantage of member-hospital admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) data feeds and the HSX CDR; used in mass crisis scenarios or more routine, individual cases.

  • UPAL Timeline

    April 27-29th 2017
    NFL Draft
    February 4th 2018
    Eagles win the Superbowl
    February 8th 2018
    Eagles Parade
    July 4th 2018
    Welcome America celebration
  • Pope Visit

    The visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. this past fall inspired progress on many fronts including, now, international exchange of patient medical information.

  • DNC Plans

    HSX placed its uPAL patient locator service on standby during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The service, available for tracking patients during large-scale emergency or routine individual events, was in a heightened state of readiness from July 24 to July 29, 2016.

Data Feeds & Connectivity

  • Data Feed Implementation Status
  • External Networks Data
  • PHG Connections


Organization Type

Data Source ID

ADT Data Feed

C-CDA Data Feed

Lab Data Feed

Radiology Feed

Transcription/Other Document Feed

Abington Neurological AssociatesIndependent PracticeABNASOctober 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
ACTS Retirement Communities
Brittany Pointe EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS6November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Fort Washington EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS18November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Granite Farms EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS21November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Lima EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS36November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Normandy Farms EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS45November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Southampton EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS54November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Spring House EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS57November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
The Evergreens Willowbrook CourtPost Acute Care FacilityACTS71August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
The Evergreens OakBridge TerracePost Acute Care FacilityACTS72March 2022March 2022N/AN/AN/A
Alliance Healthcare
Bloomsburg Care & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityALLI7July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Limecrest Subacute & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityALLI1July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Mountain View Care & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityALLI4July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Woodland Behavioral & Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityALLI2July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
AMS CardiologyIndependent PracticeABCARSeptember 2020September 2020N/AN/AN/A
Bayada Home Health, Inc. Home Health OrganizationBAYADAJuly 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Bedrock Care
Care Pavilion Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMIMA4March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Cliveden Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMIMA5March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Maplewood Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMIMA9March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Parkhouse Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMIMA10March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Tucker House Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMIMA7March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
York Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMIMA8March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Berks Community Health CenterFederally Qualified Health CenterBERKSSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Berks County Area Agency on AgingOther Provider OrganizationAAABERN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Bucks County Area Agency on AgingOther Provider OrganizationAAABUCN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Boonton Care CenterPost Acute Care FacilityBOCC2August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Cardiology Consultants of PhiladelphiaIndependent PracticeCCPJanuary 2018January 2018N/AN/AN/A
CareOne Health Services
CareOne at Cresskill (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE10February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at East Brunswick (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE62February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at East Brunswick (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE23February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Evesham (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE30February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Evesham (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE24February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Hamilton (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE32February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Hanover Township (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE9February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Holmdel (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE20February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at King James (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE19February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Livington (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE4February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Livingston (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE1February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Madison Avenue (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE8February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Moorestown (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE31February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Moorestown (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE27February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at New Milford (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE15February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne Oradell Health Center (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE11February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Parsippany (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE6February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Parsippany (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE5February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE14February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Somerset Valley (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE58February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Somerset Valley (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE22February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Teaneck (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE12February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at The Cupola (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE13February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at The Highlands (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE21February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Valley (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE2February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Wall (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE17February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Wayne (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE16February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Wayne (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE7February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne at Wellington (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE3February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne Harmony Village at Jackson (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE18March 2022March 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne Harmony Village at Paramus (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE61March 2022March 2022N/AN/AN/A
CareOne Harmony Village at Stanwick Road (ALF)Post Acute Care FacilityCARE29March 2022March 2022N/AN/AN/A
Cayaba CareIndependent PracticeONCALLJuly 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
CentraState Healthcare
Applewood Estates Assisted LivingPost Acute Care FacilityCSHS3July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Applewood Estates Memory Care UnitPost Acute Care FacilityCSHS6July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Applewood Estates Skilled Nursing FacilityPost Acute Care FacilityCSHS1July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Monmouth Crossing Assisted LivingPost Acute Care FacilityCSHS5July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Monmouth Crossing Memory Care UnitPost Acute Care FacilityCSHS7July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
The Manor Health & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityCSHS2July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Chandler Hall Health ServicesPost Acute Care FacilityCHHSDecember 2021January 2022N/AN/AN/A
ChesPenn Health ServicesFederally Qualified Health CenterCPHSMay 2021February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
CHOPAcute Care HospitalCHOPJuly 2017TBDTBDTBDTBD
CHOP Care NetworkHealth System PracticesCHOPAMAugust 2017TBDN/AN/AN/A
CHOP King of PrussiaAcute Care HospitalCHOPKPFebruary 2022TBDTBDTBDTBD
Christiana Care
Christiana HospitalAcute Care HospitalCCHSApril 2021TBDTBDAugust 2021TBD
Wilmington HospitalAcute Care HospitalCCHWLMApril 2021TBDTBDAugust 2021TBD
Non-Hospital FacilitiesHealth System PracticesCCHNHFApril 2021TBDTBDAugust 2021TBD
Christ's HomePost Acute Care FacilityCHRIST1July 2019September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Clarke & Gardner Internal MedicineIndependent PracticeCLGDAugust 2018July 2018N/AN/AN/A
Clinical Renal AssociatesIndependent PracticeCRAJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Community Health and Dental CareFederally Qualified Health CenterCHDCD2/28/2018 (No data between 10/2018 and 6/2019)February 2018N/AN/AN/A
Concord Healthcare and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityWHHR3March 2022March 2022N/AN/AN/A
Continuum Healthcare
Barnegat Rehabilitation & Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityCONT3August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Highland Manor Rehabilitation & Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityCONT4August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Majestic Oaks Rehabilitation & Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMAJO5December 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Riverside Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityCONT1September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
The Health Center at GallowayPost Acute Care FacilityCONT2September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
County of Delaware Area Agency of AgingOther Provider OrganizationAAADELN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Crozer-Keystone Health System
Crozer-Chester Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalCCMCApril 2015N/AOctober 2019N/AN/A
Crozer Health at BroomallHealth System PracticesBRMLFebruary 2022N/AFebruary 2022N/AN/A
Crozer Health Medical GroupHealth System PracticesCHMGFebruary 2022N/AN/AN/AN/A
Delaware County Memorial HospitalAcute Care HospitalDCMHMay 2015N/ASeptember 2019N/AN/A
Springfield HospitalAcute Care HospitalSPGFMay 2015N/ASeptember 2019N/AN/A
Surgical Center at Brinton LakeAmbulatory Surgical CenterCHCSBLFebruary 2022N/AN/AN/AN/A
Surgical Center at HaverfordAmbulatory Surgical CenterCKSCMay 2022N/AMay 2022N/AN/A
Taylor HospitalAcute Care HospitalTAYLMay 2015N/ASeptember 2019N/AN/A
Delaware Valley Community HealthFederally Qualified Health CenterDVCHFebruary 2018February 2018N/AN/AN/A
Detweiler Family Medicine AssociatesIndependent PracticeDFPOctober 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Doylestown Health
Doylestown Ambulatory PracticesHealth System PracticesDOHAMBJanuary 2018January 2018N/AN/AN/A
Doylestown HospitalAcute Care HospitalDOHApril 2015August 2016 (Hospital C-CDA)TBDJune 2018In Progress
Pine Run Retirement CommunityPost Acute Care FacilityPRHCMay 2018TBDN/AN/AN/A
Eagleville HospitalBehavioral Health ProviderEHCAugust 2021N/AN/AN/AN/A
Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Associates of PaoliIndepent PracticeENTPAOSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Education Plus Health School Based Health Centers
Belmont Charter SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Belmont High SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Building 21 High SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Deep Roots SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
I-LEAD Charter SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Inquiry Charter SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
La Salle Academy SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Memphis Street Academy SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
People for People SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Universal Bluford Charter SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Universal Creighton Charter SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Universal Insitute Charter SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Vaux Big Picture High SchoolOther Provider OrganizationEPHSeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Embassy Manor at Edison Nursing and RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilityEMB12July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Endeavor HealthIndependent PracticeENDVORJuly 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Esperanza Health CenterIndependent PracticeESPHCDJune 2020June 2020N/AN/AN/A
Family of Caring Healthcare
Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityFOC8February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Barnert Subacute Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityFOC7February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Dellridge Health and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityFOC6February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Family of Caring at MontclairPost Acute Care FacilityFOC1February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Family of Caring at RidgewoodPost Acute Care FacilityFOC4February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Family of Caring at TeaneckPost Acute Care FacilityFOC10February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Family of Caring at TenaflyPost Acute Care FacilityFOC9February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Woodcliff Lake Health and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityFOC5February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Family Practice of Upper DublinIndependent PracticeFPUDOctober 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Fellowship Senior Living
Fellowship Senior Living Assisted Living FacilityPost Acute Care FacilityFVBR2September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Fellowship Senior Living Skilled Nursing FacilityPost Acute Care FacilityFVBR1September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Genesis Healthcare
Arbor Glen CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC040March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Barn Hill CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC048March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Belvedere CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC100August 2018September 2018N/AN/AN/A
Brandywine HallPost Acute Care FacilityGHC133March 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Bridgeville CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC623July 2020July 2020N/AN/AN/A
Chapel ManorPost Acute Care FacilityGHC131September 2018September 2018N/AN/AN/A
Cranbury CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC015August 2018August 2018N/AN/AN/A
Crestview CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC083November 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Gettysburg CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC240March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Hillcrest CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC122September 2018September 2018N/AN/AN/A
Holly ManorPost Acute Care FacilityGHC070March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Hopkins CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC183March 2019March 2019N/AN/AN/A
Jersey Shore CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC014March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Laurel CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC132March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Laurel RidgePost Acute Care FacilityGHC171March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Maple Glen CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC071March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Mifflin CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC091March 2019March 2019N/AN/AN/A
Norriton Square Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC121May 2018May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Pennsburg ManorPost Acute Care FacilityGHC151March 2019March 2019N/AN/AN/A
Quakertown CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC150November 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Ridgewood CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC010March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Sanatoga CourtPost Acute Care FacilityGHC152November 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Southern OceanPost Acute Care FacilityGHC005March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Troy Hills CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC047March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
Wayne CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC134March 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Grace Inspired Ministries
The Community at RockhillPost Acute Care FacilityGIM3November 2020November 2020N/AN/AN/A
Lutheran Community at TelfordPost Acute Care FacilityGIM7November 2020November 2020N/AN/AN/A
Grand View Health
Grand View HospitalAcute Care HospitalGVHSeptember 2017April 2020TBDTBDTBD
Grand View Medical PracticesHealth System PracticesGVHAMBTBDTBDN/AN/AN/A
Urgent Care KulpsvilleUrgent CareApril 2020April 2020N/AN/AN/A
Urgent Care QuakertownUrgent CareApril 2020April 2020N/AN/AN/A
Greater Philadelphia Health Action Federally Qualified Health CenterGPHAIn Progress In ProgressN/AN/AN/A
Greenhouse InternistsIndependent PracticeGRHSINSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Holland CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGDN51June 2021June 2021N/AN/AN/A
HarrogatePost Acute Care FacilityHAR1July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
The Hill at WhitemarshPost Acute Care FacilityHAWMMay 2020TBDN/AN/AN/A
Holy Redeemer Health
Holy Redeemer Physician ServicesHealth System PracticesTBDTBDN/AN/AN/A
Holy Redeemer HospitalAcute Care HospitalHRHSSeptember 2015October 2021September 2017TBDTBD
Holy Redeemer LafayettePost Acute Care FacilityIn ProgressTBDN/AN/AN/A
Holy Redeemer St. Joseph ManorPost Acute Care FacilityIn ProgressTBDN/AN/AN/A
Honig Family PracticeIndependent PracticeHONIAugust 2019August 2019N/AN/AN/A
Immaculate Mary Center for Rehabilitation and HealthcarePost Acute Care FacilityCMG01May 2021May 2021N/AN/AN/A
Jefferson Health
Abington Memorial HospitalAcute Care HospitalAHMHJune 2015March 2021August 2017TBDTBD
Abington - Lansdale HospitalAcute Care HospitalAHLHJune 2015March 2021August 2017TBDTBD
Abington Health PhysiciansHealth System PracticesAHMHPPNovember 2015March 2021March 2021N/AN/A
Einstein Ambulatory PracticesHealth System PracticesENHFApril 2015September 2016September 2017N/AN/A
Einstein Medical Center Elkins ParkAcute Care HospitalMREPApril 2015September 2016September 2017May 2021TBD
Einstein Medical Center MontgomeryAcute Care HospitalEMCMApril 2015September 2016September 2017May 2021TBD
Einstein Medical Center PhiladelphiaAcute Care HospitalAEMCApril 2015September 2016September 2017May 2021TBD
Einstein Moss RehabRehab HospitalMOSSApril 2015September 2016N/AMay 2021N/A
Einstein Willowcrest Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityWCBApril 2015September 2016N/AN/AN/A
Jefferson Bucks HospitalAcute Care HospitalABCCApril 2015July 2017September 2018TBDTBD
Jefferson Cherry Hill HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHCHHAugust 2018September 2019June 2020TBDTBD
Jefferson Community PhysiciansHealth System PracticesTJUAMBMarch 2021March 2021March 2021N/AN/A
Jefferson Frankford HospitalAcute Care HospitalAFCApril 2015July 2017September 2018TBDTBD
Jefferson Home Care and HospiceHome Health OrganizationAJHCOctober 2018TBDN/AN/AN/A
Jefferson Hospital for NeuroscienceAcute Care HospitalJHNHSeptember 2015August 2018June 2020TBDTBD
Jefferson Medical Group New JerseyHealth System PracticesTJUAMBSeptember 2019September 2019June 2020N/AN/A
Jefferson Stratford HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHSHAugust 2018September 2019June 2020TBDTBD
Jefferson Torresdale HospitalAcute Care HospitalATCApril 2015July 2017September 2018TBDTBD
Jefferson University PhysiciansHealth System PracticesTJUAMBSeptember 2017September 2017June 2020TBDN/A
Jefferson Washington Township HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHWTHAugust 2018September 2019June 2020TBDTBD
Methodist HospitalAcute Care HospitalMHDESeptember 2015August 2018June 2020TBDTBD
Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty HospitalSpecialty HospitalRSHSeptember 2018November 2018N/AN/ATBD
Thomas Jefferson University HospitalAcute Care HospitalTJHSeptember 2015August 2018June 2020TBDTBD
Job Haines Home
Job Haines Home Assisted LivingPost Acute Care FacilityHAIN2June 2021June 2021N/AN/AN/A
Job Haines Home for Aged PeoplePost Acute Care FacilityHAIN1June 2021June 2021N/AN/A
Jon Yardney, MD, LLCIndependent PracticeYARDMDSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Kuhar Medical: Internal Medicine and Cosmetic ServicesIndependent PracticeKUHARSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
LCH Health and Community ServicesFederally Qualified Health CenterLCHOctober 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Lebanon County Area Agency on AgingOther Provider OrganizationAAALEBN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Lehigh County Area Agency on AgingOther Provider OrganizationAAALEHN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Liberty Center for Rehabilitation and NursingPost Acute Care FacilityGDN45February 2022February 2022N/AN/AN/A
Lofts Medical AssociatesIndependent PracticeLOFTMASeptember 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Luther Woods Nursing and RehabiliationPost Acute Care FacilityLWCC3October 2019October 2019N/AN/AN/A
Main Line Health
Bryn Mawr HospitalAcute Care HospitalBGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)January 2021October 2020May 2020
Bryn Mawr Rehab HospitalRehab HospitalRGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)January 2021October 2020May 2020
Lankenau Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalLGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)January 2021October 2020May 2020
Main Line HealthCare Ambulatory PracticesHealth System PracticesMLHPDecember 2015July 2018January 2021October 2020N/A
Paoli HospitalAcute Care HospitalPGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)January 2021October 2020May 2020
Riddle HospitalAcute Care HospitalDGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)January 2021October 2020May 2020
ManorCare Health Services (ProMedica)
AllentownPost Acute Care FacilityHCR116October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Bethlehem 2021Post Acute Care FacilityHCR117October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Bethlehem 2029Post Acute Care FacilityHCR118October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Camp HillPost Acute Care FacilityHCR152October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
CarlislePost Acute Care FacilityHCR153October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
ChambersburgPost Acute Care FacilityHCR151October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
DallastownPost Acute Care FacilityHCR139October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
EastonPost Acute Care FacilityHCR119October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Huntingdon ValleyPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS175October 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
King of PrussiaPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS173 October 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Kingston CourtPost Acute Care FacilityHCR140October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
LancasterPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS158October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
LaureldalePost Acute Care FacilityMCHS122October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
LebanonPost Acute Care FacilityHCR157October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
MontgomeryvillePost Acute Care FacilityMCHS114October 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Old Orchard Health CarePost Acute Care FacilityHCR121October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Oxford ValleyPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS174October 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
PottstownPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS113October 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
ProMedica Total Rehab+ Center CityPost Acute Care FacilityHCR381March 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
ProMedica Total Rehab+, ExtonPost Acute Care FacilityHCR382March 2019March 2019N/AN/AN/A
ProMedica Total Rehab+, PiscatawayPost Acute Care FacilityHCR379March 2021March 2021N/AN/AN/A
ProMedica Total Rehab+, Willow GrovePost Acute Care FacilityHCR383March 2017May 2018N/AN/AN/A
Sinking SpringPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS123October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
WallingfordPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS177October 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
West AllenPost Acute Care FacilityHCR120October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
West ReadingPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS124October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
York NorthPost Acute Care FacilityHCR141October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
York SouthPost Acute Care FacilityHCR142October 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Marquis Health Services
Kearsley HousePost Acute Care FacilityMQS1May 2020May 2020N/AN/AN/A
Oxford Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMQS47July 2022N/AN/AN/AN/A
Providence Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMQS21May 2020May 2020N/AN/AN/A
Riverton Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMQS43July 2022N/AN/AN/AN/A
Roosevelt Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMQS29May 2021May 2021N/AN/AN/A
Springfield Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMQS36July 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Maxim Healthcare ServicesHome Health OrganizationMAXIMSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
MB Healthcare
Barclays Rehabilitation & Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMBHC10September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Clover Meadows Healthcare & Rehabilitation Post Acute Care FacilityMBHC9August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Doctors Subacute CarePost Acute Care FacilityMBHC8August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Jersey Shore Post Acute Rehabilitation & NursingPost Acute Care FacilityMBHC13August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Laurel Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMBHC1September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Pine Acres Healthcare & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMBHC11August 2021August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Stratford Manor Rehabilitation & Care CenterPost Acute Care FacilityMBHC12September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Memphis Street PediatricsIndependent PracticeMEMSTROctober 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Montgomery County Office of Senior ServicesOther Provider OrganizationAAAMONN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Ninth Street Internal MedicineIndependent PracticeNSIMDAugust 2018June 2018N/AN/AN/A
Panda Bear PediatricsIndependent PracticePANDASeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
The Pediatric and Adolescent Medical Centers of PhiladelphiaIndependent PracticePAMCSeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Penn Medicine
54th and Cedar - Hospital of the University of PennsylvaniaAcute Care HospitalHUP54March 2021March 2021TBDTBDTBD
Chester County HospitalAcute Care HospitalCCHMay 2015TBDTBDTBDTBD
Clinical Care AssociatesHealth System PracticesPENAMBMay 2018TBDN/AN/AN/A
Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania - AmbulatoryHealth System PracticesPENAMBMay 2018TBDN/AN/AN/A
Hospital of the University of PennsylvaniaAcute Care HospitalHUPJuly 2017TBDTBDTBDTBD
Penn-Presbyterian HospitalAcute Care HospitalPMCJuly 2017TBDTBDTBDTBD
Pennsylvania HospitalAcute Care HospitalPAHJuly 2017TBDTBDTBDTBD
Princeton Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalMCPAugust 2019TBDTBDTBDTBD
Pentahealth, LLCIndependent PracticePENTASeptember 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineIndependent PracticePCOMJune 2018June 2018N/AN/AN/A
Philadelphia Corporation of AgingOther Provider OrganizationPCAN/AN/AN/AN/ANovember 2020
Philadelphia GI ConsultantsIndependent PracticePGCOctober 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Philadelphia GI GroupIndependent PracticePGGOctober 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Philadelphia Protestant Home
Philadelphia Protestant Home (PC)Post Acute Care FacilityPPH2September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Philadelphia Protestant Home (SNF)Post Acute Care FacilityPPH1September 2021September 2021N/AN/AN/A
Phoenix Center Care and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGDN47September 2022September 2022N/AN/AN/A
Pickering ManorPost Acute Care FacilityPCKMNRDecember 2018TBDN/AN/AN/A
Pizzica PedsIndependent PracticePIZZOctober 2021October 2021N/AN/AN/A
Premier Health
Chestnut Hill LodgePost Acute Care FacilityPREM27November 2020November 2020N/AN/AN/A
Deer Meadows Post Acute Care FacilityDEER1March 2019September 2019N/AN/AN/A
Meadowview Nursing and RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilityDEER3October 2019October 2019N/AN/AN/A
Willow TerracePost Acute Care FacilityPREM28November 2020November 2020N/AN/AN/A
Prestige Health
Buckingham Valley Rehabilitation Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityVHPA14November 2018October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Caring Heart Rehabilitation and Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityVHPA13October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Green Meadows Rehabilitation and Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityVHPA29October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Richboro Nursing and RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilityVHPA12March 2020March 2020N/AN/AN/A
Rosewood Gardens Nursing and RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilityVHPA33October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Westgate Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityVHPA23October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Project HOMEFederally Qualified Health CenterPRJHMJuly 2020July 2020N/AN/AN/A
Rehabilitation Associates of the Main LineIndependent PracticeRAMLJanuary 2021January 2020N/AN/AN/A
Residentialist Housecall Medical GroupIndependent PracticeRESHCAugust 2018August 2018N/AN/AN/A
Rittenhouse Internal MedicineIndependent PracticeRITTIMOctober 2019October 2019N/AN/AN/A
Ritner Family PracticeIndependent PracticeRTNRAugust 2019August 2019N/AN/AN/A
Rosemont Care and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGDN46September 2022September 2022N/AN/AN/A
Saber Healthcare
Langhorne GardensPost Acute Care FacilitySAB160October 2019October 2019N/AN/AN/A
Statesman RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilitySAB161October 2019October 2019N/AN/AN/A
Smith MedicineIndependent PracticeSMMEDAugust 2018August 2018N/AN/AN/A
Southeastern Home Health ServicesHome Health OrganizationSEHHAugust 2021N/AN/AN/AN/A
Spectrum Health ServicesFederally Qualified Health CenterSPECTRJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Temple Health
Fox Chase Cancer CenterSpecialty HospitalFCCSeptember 2015TBDTBDTBDTBD
Jeanes HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHSeptember 2015October 2016October 2019TBDTBD
Temple Physicians, Inc.Health System PracticesTUAMBSeptember 2019October 2019TBDN/AN/A
Temple University HospitalAcute Care HospitalTUHSeptember 2015October 2018October 2019TBDTBD
Temple University PhysiciansHealth System PracticesTUAMBSeptember 2019October 2019TBDN/AN/A
Tel Hai Retirement CommunityPost Acute Care FacilityTELH1November 2018August 2021N/AN/AN/A
Tower Health
Chestnut Hill HopsitalAcute Care HospitalCTHOctober 2019February 2021February 2021TBDTBD
Phoenixville HospitalAcute Care HospitalPHXOctober 2019February 2021February 2021TBDTBD
Pottstown HospitalAcute Care HospitalPTNOctober 2019February 2021February 2021TBDTBD
Reading HospitalAcute Care HospitalTRHOctober 2019February 2021February 2021TBDTBD
Tower Health Medical GroupHealth System PracticesTNHFOctober 2019February 2021February 2021N/AN/A
St. Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenAcute Care HospitalSTCHRNSeptember 2019February 2021September 2017TBDTBD
St. Christopher's Pediatric AssociatesHealth System PracticesTNHFFebruary 2021February 2021February 2021N/AN/A
Trinity Health of the Mid-Atlantic Region
Mercy Fitzgerald HospitalAcute Care HospitalFTZAugust 2016September 2019September 2019TBDTBD
Mercy Home HealthHome Health OrganizationMHHJuly 2018TBDTBDTBDTBD
Mercy Nazareth HospitalAcute Care HospitalNAZAugust 2016September 2019September 2019TBDTBD
St. Mary Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalMLPNovember 2016September 2019August 2018TBDTBD
TriState Colon and RectalIndependent PracticeTRISTAJuly 2021July 2021N/AN/AN/A
Ultimate Care Assisted Living Management
The Bristal at EnglewoodPost Acute Care FacilityUCAL4April 2022April 2022N/AN/AN/A
The Bristal at SomersetPost Acute Care FacilityUCAL21April 2022April 2022N/AN/AN/A
The Bristal at WaldwickPost Acute Care FacilityUCAL23April 2022April 2022N/AN/AN/A
The Bristal at WaynePost Acute Care FacilityUCAL19April 2022April 2022N/AN/AN/A
The Bristal at Woodcliff LakePost Acute Care FacilityUCAL18April 2022April 2022N/AN/AN/A
Vybe Urgent Care
BensalemUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Center City Urgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Center City EastUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
HavertownUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
North East PhillyUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Port RichmondUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
RidleyUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
RoxboroughUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
South PhillyUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Spring GardenUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
TelehealthUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
University CityUrgent Care VYBEJanuary 2021January 2021N/AN/AN/A
Wesley Enhanced Living
DoylestownPost Acute Care FacilityWEL9October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Main LinePost Acute Care FacilityWEL16October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Pennypack ParkPost Acute Care FacilityWEL1October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
StapeleyPost Acute Care FacilityWEL12October 2020October 2020N/AN/AN/A
Wills Eye Hospital Owned PracticesWILLSOctober 2020October 2020TBDTBDTBD
Wyndmoor Hills Health Care and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGDN49September 2022September 2022N/AN/AN/A

Facility Name

External Network

Facility Type

Data Source

Emergency ADTs

Inpatient ADTs


Abigail HouseNJHINLong Term CareABIG1NoYesNo
AHN Brentwood Neighborhood HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAHEBRYesYesNo
AHN Grove CityCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAHNGCYesYesNo
AHN Harmar Neighborhood HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAHEHRYesYesNo
AHN Hempfield Neighborhood HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAHEHPYesYesNo
AHN McCandless Neighborhood HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAHEMCYesYesNo
AHN Wexford HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAHNWXYesYesNo
Alameda Center for Rehabilitation and HealthcareNJHINLong Term CareALAM9NoYesNo
Alaris Health at BelgroveNJHINLong Term CareALAR22NoYesNo
Alaris Health at Cedar GroveNJHINLong Term CareALAR5NoYesNo
Alaris Health at Hamilton ParkNJHINLong Term CareALAR27NoYesNo
Alaris Health at the ChateauNJHINLong Term CareALAR7NoYesNo
Alaris Health at West OrangeNJHINLong Term CareALAR16NoYesNo
Allegheny General HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalAGEDYesYesNo
Allegheny Valley HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalAVHEDYesYesNo
Allegheny Valley Hospital Rehab UnitCPCHIERehab HospitalAVHREYesYesNo
Allied Services Rehab HospitalKeyHIERehab HospitalARHNoYesNo
Ambient Urgent CareDHINUrgent CareAMBURGYesNoNo
Anchor Care and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareS15015NoYesNo
Arbor Ridge Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNJHINLong Term CareMQS28NoYesNo
Armstrong Center for Medicine and HealthCCHIEAcute Care HospitalARMSTRONGIPYesYesNo
Arnold Walter Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareS2987NoYesNo
Atlantic General HospitalDHINAcute Care HospitalSCMYesYesNo
Atlantic Health System Chilton Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalAHSCHLYesYesNo
Atlantic Health System Hackettstown Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalAHSHKTYesYesNo
Atlantic Health System Morristown Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalAHSMORYesYesNo
Atlantic Health System Newton Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalAHSNEWYesYesNo
Atlantic Health System Overlook Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalAHSOVLYesYesNo
Atlantic Regional Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalATLREGYesYesNo
Atrium Post Acute Care of WoodburyNJHINLong Term CareSPR35NoYesNo
Autumn Lake Healthcare at Berkeley HeightsNJHINLong Term CareALH13NoYesNo
Autumn Lake Healthcare at OceanviewNJHINLong Term CareALH10NoYesNo
Autumn Lake Healthcare at SouthgateNJHINLong Term CareALH11NoYesNo
Bayhealth Medical Center Kent CampusDHINAcute Care HospitalBHMCYesYesNo
Bayhealth Medical Center Sussex CampusDHINAcute Care HospitalBHMCYesYesNo
Bayonne Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalBAYOMCYesYesNo
Beebe HealthcareDHINAcute Care HospitalBBMCYesYesNo
Berlin Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNJHINLong Term CareMQS50NoYesNo
Bridgeway Care and Rehabilitation Center at BridgewaterNJHINLong Term CareBRID1NoYesNo
Bridgeway Care and Rehabilitation Center at HillsboroughNJHINLong Term CareBRID2NoYesNo
Cadia Healthcare BroadmeadowDHINLong Term CareCADBMWNoYesNo
Cadia Healthcare Pike CreekDHINLong Term CareCADPKCNoYesNo
Cadia Healthcare RenaissanceDHINLong Term CareCADIARNSCNoYesNo
Cadia Healthcare SilversideDHINLong Term CareCADIASLVRNoYesNo
Cambridge Rehabilitation and HealthcareNJHINLong Term CareMQS31NoYesNo
Canonsburg HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalCHEDYesYesNo
Canonsburg Hospital Rehab UnitCPCHIERehab HospitalCHREHYesYesNo
Cape Regional Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalCPREGYesYesNo
Capital Health HopewellNJHINAcute Care HospitalCHHOPEYesYesNo
Capital Health Regional Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalCHREGLYesYesYes
Carneys Point Care CenterNJHINLong Term CareALH21NoYesNo
CentraState Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalCSMCYesYesNo
Christ HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalCHRHLYesYesNo
ChristianaCare Union HospitalDHINAcute Care HospitalUNHYesYesNo
Clarion HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalBUTLER_CLARYesYesNo
CNMRI RadiologyDHINImaging CenterCNMRIOutpatient ADTs Only (Emergency and Inpatient ADTs N/A)
Community Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalCMTYMCYesYesNo
Cooper University HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalCOOPERYesYesNo
Cumberland Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareALH22NoYesNo
Deborah Heart and Lung CenterNJHINSpeciality HospitalDEBHLCN/AYesNo
East Orange HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalEORANGYesYesNo
Endless Mountain Health SystemKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalEMHSYesYesNo
Englewood Hospital and Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalENGLWDYesYesNo
Evangelical Community HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalEVANYesYesNo
Excela Frick HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalEXCELA_FRICKYesYesNo
Excela Latrobe HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalEXCELA_LATROBEYesYesNo
Excela Westmoreland HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalEXCELA_WESTMORELANDYesYesNo
Forbes HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalFHEDYesYesNo
Forbes Hospital Rehab UnitCPCHIERehab HospitalFRHREYesYesNo
Foulk ManorDHINLong Term CareFLKMNRNoYesNo
Fulton County Medical CenterKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalFCMCYesYesNo
Geisinger Bloomsburg HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGHS-GBHYesYesNo
Geisinger Community Medical CenterKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGHS-GCMCYesYesNo
Geisinger Jersey Shore HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGHS-JSHYesYesNo
Geisinger Lewistown HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGHS-GLHYesYesNo
Geisinger Medical CenterKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGHS-GMCYesYesNo
Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical CenterKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGHS-GWVYesYesNo
Guthrie Robert Packer HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGUTHRIE_RPHYesYesNo
Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, Towanda CampusKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGUTHRIE_GTCYesYesNo
Guthrie Troy Community HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalGUTHRIE_TCHYesYesNo
Heinz Rehab HospitalKeyHIERehab HospitalHRHNoYesNo
Heritage Valley BeaverCCHIEAcute Care HospitalHERITAGE_VALLEY_HVBYesYesNo
Heritage Valley KennedyCCHIEAcute Care HospitalHERITAGE_VALLEY_HVKYesYesNo
Heritage Valley SewickleyCCHIEAcute Care HospitalHERITAGE_VALLEY_HVSYesYesNo
HMH Bayshore Community HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalBAYSHOYesYesNo
HMH Hackensack University Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalHACKENYesYesNo
HMH Jersey Shore University Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalJRSYSHYesYesNo
HMH JFK Hartwyck at Oak TreeNJHINLong Term CareS31104NoYesNo
HMH JFK Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalJFKMCYesYesYes
HMH Mountainside Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalMNTSDYesYesNo
HMH Ocean Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalOCEANYesYesNo
HMH Palisades Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalPALISAYesYesNo
HMH Pascack Valley Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalPASCAVYesYesNo
HMH Raritan Bay Medical Center Old BridgeNJHINAcute Care HospitalRBOLDBYesYesNo
HMH Raritan Bay Medical Center Perth AmboyNJHINAcute Care HospitalRBPERAYesYesNo
HMH Riverview Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalRIVERVYesYesNo
HMH Southern Ocean Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTHOCNYesYesNo
Hoboken University Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalHOBOKYesYesNo
Hudson Regional HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalHUDSONYesYesNo
Hunterdon Healthcare SystemNJHINAcute Care HospitalHUNTERYesYesYes
Inspira Health Center BridgetonNJHINAcute Care HospitalINSBRGYesYesNo
Inspira Health Center ElmerNJHINAcute Care HospitalINSELMYesYesNo
Inspira Health Center WoodburyNJHINAcute Care HospitalINSWDBYesYesNo
Inspira Medical Center Mullica HillNJHINAcute Care HospitalINSMULYesYesNo
Inspira Medical Center VinelandNJHINAcute Care HospitalINSVNDYesYesYes
Jefferson HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalJHEMERGYesYesNo
Jefferson Hospital Rehab UnitCPCHIERehab HospitalJRHREYesYesNo
Jersey City Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalJSYCTYYesYesYes
Lancaster General Hospital EmergencyCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalLGHYesYesNo
Lancaster General Hospital InpatientCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalOPLOCNoYesNo
Lancaster Rehabilitation HospitalCPCHIERehab HospitalLRHNoYesNo
Laurel Brook Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNJHINLong Term CareMQS19NoYesYes
Lincoln Specialty Care CenterNJHINLong Term CareALH25NoYesNo
Lourdes Medical Center of BurlingtonNJHINAcute Care HospitalLRDBURYesYesNo
Lourdes Medical Center of CamdenNJHINAcute Care HospitalLRDCAMYesYesNo
Meadville Medical CenterCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEADVILLE_MEVYesYesNo
Meridian Bayshore Health Care CenterNJHINLong Term CareS29769NoYesNo
Meridian Nursing and Rehabilitation at BrickNJHINLong Term CareS29771NoYesNo
Meridian Nursing and Rehabilitation at Ocean GroveNJHINLong Term CareS11110NoYesNo
Meridian Nursing and Rehabilitation at ShrewsburyNJHINLong Term CareS10181NoYesNo
Meridian Subacute Rehabilitation WallNJHINLong Term CareHMHWLNoYesNo
Merry Heart Nursing HomeNJHINLong Term CareMERRY1NoYesNo
Merwick Care and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareWIND6NoYesNo
Millcroft Assisted Living FacilityDHINLong Term CareMLCRALNoYesNo
Millcroft Skilled Nursing FacilityDHINLong Term CareMLCRSNNoYesNo
Monmouth Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalMNMTHYesYesNo
Monmouth Medical Center Southern CampusNJHINAcute Care HospitalMNMSCYesYesYes
Morris Hall Meadows at LawrencevilleNJHINLong Term CareMHSCC1NoYesYes
Moses TaylorKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalMTHYesYesNo
Mount Nittany Medical CenterMNXAcute Care HospitalMNMCYesYesNo
New Bridge Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalNEWBRGYesYesNo
Newark Beth Israel Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalNWRKBIYesYesYes
Newark Emergency CenterDHINUrgent CareNEWEMCYesNoNo
Oakland Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNJHINLong Term CareMQS15NoYesNo
Penn State Health Hershey Medical CenterKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalPSHHERSHEYYesYesNo
Penn State Health Holy Spirit HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalHOLYSPIRITYesYesNo
Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical CenterKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalPSHSTJOEYesYesNo
Preferred Care at AbseconNJHINLong Term CarePREF31NoYesNo
Preferred Care at HamiltonNJHINLong Term CarePREF32NoYesNo
Preferred Care at Old BridgeNJHINLong Term CarePREF27NoYesNo
Preferred Care at WallNJHINLong Term CarePREF26NoYesNo
Preferred Care at Mercer-BucksNJHINLong Term CarePREF25NoYesNo
Princeton Care CenterNJHINLong Term CarePRIN1NoYesNo
ProMedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation MoorestownNJHINLong Term CarePMH378NoYesNo
ProMedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation VoorheesNJHINLong Term CarePMH380NoYesYes
Punxsutawney Area HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalPUNXYesYesNo
Regency Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareREGHNRNoYesNo
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalRWJUNIYesYesYes
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital HamiltonNJHINAcute Care HospitalRWJUHMYesYesNo
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital RahwayNJHINAcute Care HospitalRWJRAHYesYesNo
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital SomersetNJHINAcute Care HospitalRWJSMTYesYesNo
Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareWIND6NoYesNo
Shady Lane Nursing HomeNJHINLong Term CareS31069NoYesNo
Shore MemorialNJHINAcute Care HospitalSHOREYesYesNo
Sinai Post-Acute Nursing and Rehab CenterNJHINLong Term CareSINA10NoYesNo
Somerset Woods Rehabilitation and Nursing CenterNJHINLong Term CareSWRNCNoYesNo
Spring Grove Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNJHINLong Term CareMQS22NoYesNo
Springpoint at Denville Assisted LivingNJHINLong Term CareMU1087NoYesNo
Springpoint at Meadow Lakes Assisted LivingNJHINLong Term CareMU1083NoYesNo
Springpoint at Monroe Village Assisted LivingNJHINLong Term CareMU1105NoYesNo
Springpoint at Monroe Village Skilled NursingNJHINLong Term CareMU1084NoYesNo
Springpoint at MontgomeryNJHINLong Term CareMU1085NoYesNo
St. Barnabas Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTBARNYesYesNo
St. Clair HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalSTCLAIRYesYesNo
St. Francis HospitalDHINAcute Care HospitalSFHCYesYesNo
Saint Clare's Denville HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTCDENYesYesNo
Saint Clare's Dover HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTCDOVYesYesNo
St. Francis Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTFRANYesYesNo
St. Joseph's Regional Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTJREGYesYesNo
St. Joseph's Skilled Nursing CenterNJHINLong Term CareMHSCC2NoYesNo
St. Joseph's Wayne HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTJWAYNoYesNo
St. Luke's Warren HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTLWRNYesYesNo
St. Mary's Center for Rehabilitation and HealthcareNJHINLong Term CareSMC6NoYesNo
St. Mary's General HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTMGHYesYesNo
St. Michael's Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTMICHYesYesNo
St. Peter's Healthcare SystemNJHINAcute Care HospitalSTPTRYesYesNo
St. Vincent HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalSVHEDYesYesNo
St. Vincent Hospital Rehab UnitCPCHIERehab HospitalSVHREYesYesNo
The Children's Home of PittsburghCCHIEAcute Care HospitalTCHNoYesNo
The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation and NursingNJHINLong Term CareMQS27NoYesNo
The Voorhees Care and Rehabilitation CenterNJHINLong Term CareVCRC3NoYesNo
Titusville Regional HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEADVILLE_TAHYesYesNo
Trinitas Regional Medical CenterNJHINAcute Care HospitalTRIREGYesYesNo
Tyrone HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalTYHYesYesNo
United Methodist Communities at Pitman Assisted LivingNJHINLong Term CareMU677NoYesNo
University HospitalNJHINAcute Care HospitalUNIVHLYesYesNo
UPMC AltoonaCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_KYesYesNo
UPMC BedfordCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_FYesYesNo
UPMC Carlisle (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_CRYesTBDNo
UPMC Children's Hospital of PittsburghCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_PYesYesNo
UPMC Cole (Susquehanna)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalCOLEYesYesNo
UPMC Community Osteopathic (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_CGYesTBDNo
UPMC EastCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_TYesYesNo
UPMC HamotCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_LYesYesNo
UPMC Hanover (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_HANYesTBDNo
UPMC Harrisburg (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_HHYesTBDNo
UPMC Horizon - GreenvilleCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_YYesYesNo
UPMC Horizon ShenangoCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_ZYesYesNo
UPMC JamesonCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_XYesYesNo
UPMC KaneCCHIEAcute Care HospitalKANEYesYesNo
UPMC Lititz (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_LZYesTBDNo
UPMC Lock Haven (Susquehanna)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalSH-LHHYesYesNo
UPMC Magee - Womens HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_GYesYesNo
UPMC McKeesportCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_MYesYesNo
UPMC Memorial (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_MEMYesYesNo
UPMC Memorial (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE MEMYesTBDNo
UPMC MercyCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_UYesYesNo
UPMC Muncy (Susquehanna)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalSH-MVHYesYesNo
UPMC NorthwestCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_NYesYesNo
UPMC Passavant - CranberryCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_CYesYesNo
UPMC Passavant - McCandlessCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_VYesYesNo
UPMC PresbyterianCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_RYesYesNo
UPMC ShadysideCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_EYesYesNo
UPMC Soldiers and Sailors (Susquehanna)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalSH-SSMHYesYesNo
UPMC SomersetCCHIEAcute Care HospitalSOMERSETYesTBDNo
UPMC St. MargaretCCHIEAcute Care HospitalMEDIPAC_AYesYesNo
UPMC West Shore (Pinnacle)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalPINNACLE_WSYesTBDNo
UPMC Williamsport (Susquehanna)CCHIEAcute Care HospitalSH-TWHYesYesNo
Virtua HealthNJHINAcute Care HospitalVIRTUAYesYesNo
Voorhees Pediatric FacilityNJHINLong Term CareVPF8NoYesNo
Washington Health System Greene HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalWASHINGTON_TWHGYesYesNo
Washington HospitalCCHIEAcute Care HospitalWASHINGTON_TWHYesYesNo
Wayne Memorial HospitalKeyHIEAcute Care HospitalWMHYesYesNo
WellSpan Chambersburg HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalWSH-CHDisconnected from MNX - No data currently available.
WellSpan Ephrata Community HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalWSH-EH
WellSpan Gettysburg HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalWSH-GH
WellSpan Good Samaritan HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalWSH-GS
WellSpan Waynesboro HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalWSH-WAY
WellSpan York HospitalMNXAcute Care HospitalWSH-YH
West Penn Hospital (Allegheny Health Network)CPCHIEAcute Care HospitalWPEDYesYesNo
West Penn Hospital Rehab UnitCPCHIERehab HospitalWPHREYesYesNo
Wiley Mission Skilled NursingNJHINLong Term CareWILEY1NoYesNo
Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterNJHINLong Term CareMQS11NoYesNo
Windsor Healthcare Abingdon Care and RehabilitationNJHINLong Term CareWIND8NoYesNo
Windsor Healthcare Ashbrook Care and RehabilitationNJHINLong Term CareWIND10NoYesNo
Women and Babies HospitalCPCHIEAcute Care HospitalWBHYesYesNo


PA-Electronic Lab Reporting

Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM)

PA-Statewide Immunization Information System (PA-SIIS)

PA Cancer Registry

Abington – Jefferson HealthLive 
Crozer Keystone Health SystemLive 
Einstein HealthcareLive 
Grand View Health Live 
Mercy Health System (Trinity)Live 
Penn MedicineLive  
St. Mary Medical Center (Trinity)Live 
The table above provides a snapshot of all current HSX members that are either connected to the Public Health Gateway (PHG) registries or in the process of establishing a connection. As additional connections are established with members, this table will be updated accordingly.