HSX Services and Systems Status

HSX Services and Systems Status

Secure data connection among multiple providers.  Supports functional status of all other services.

Secure point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers

Send clinical information to a patient's care team

Identifies a patient’s location and status within the regional healthcare system

Provides a unified view of a patient's history from multiple sources

Receive a Clinical Activity History for a patient

Notifies subscribers when a patient is hospitalized and/or discharged

Real-time notifications to subscribers about patient encounters

System Down
Under Maintenance

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HSX Metrics

Patients in HSX’s
Master Patient Index
as of August 2019
Total messages exchanged via HSX through August 2019
Practitioners in the
HSX Provider Directory
as of August 2019
Percentage of messages sent via HSX in August 2019 that are inter-health system
Number of ENS subscribing entities as of August 2019
Direct Secure Messaging (DIRECT)

Point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers’ direct addresses using the national Direct Project standards — included, but not limited to, sending of continuity of care (C-CDA) documents with discharge information and referrals for transitions of care. HSX can offer direct addresses to providers and organizations, as needed.

Encounter Notification Service (ENS)

Delivers to service subscribers a notification when one of their patients or members is hospitalized or presents to an emergency department and/or is subsequently discharged.

Provider Directory (PD)

Contains direct addresses for healthcare providers who actively participate with HSX; interoperability testing completed before providers’ direct addresses are added to the PD.

Clinical Activity History (CAH)

Collects recent clinical history about a patient from the patient’s healthcare insurer, based on the patient’s member identification within the health plan and translates this claims/utilization data to a clinical care document — returning this information to the requesting provider or emergency department.

Automated Care Team Finder (ACTF)

Uses the patient’s member identification with his or her healthcare insurer to identify the patient’s primary care provider and route continuity of care (C-CDA) documents, containing discharge information, leveraging the HSX PD.

Urgent Patient Activity Liaison Service (uPAL)

The Urgent Patient Activity Liaison (uPAL) service identifies a patient’s admission, discharge, or transfer location and date/time within the regional healthcare system, serving as a patient locator service that takes advantage of member-hospital admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) data feeds and the HSX CDR; used in mass crisis scenarios or more routine, individual cases.

  • UPAL Timeline

    April 27-29th 2017
    NFL Draft
    February 4th 2018
    Eagles win the Superbowl
    February 8th 2018
    Eagles Parade
    July 4th 2018
    Welcome America celebration
  • Pope Visit

    The visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. this past fall inspired progress on many fronts including, now, international exchange of patient medical information. Read More

  • DNC Plans

    HSX placed its uPAL patient locator service on standby during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The service, available for tracking patients during large-scale emergency or routine individual events, was in a heightened state of readiness from July 24 to July 29, 2016. Read More

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Collects and retains medical-records data about patients, permitting a patient’s provider and/or care-team members to query for clinical information about the patient.

Service Snapshot

  • Service Adoption
  • Data Feed Implementation Status
  • Public Health Gateway Connections


Published in Provider Directory

Direct Secure Messaging (Sending Discharge Info)

Encounter Notification Service Subscriber

Automated Care Team Finder

Clinical Activity History

Access to Clinical Data Repository

Abington – Jefferson HealthYesNoLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
AmeriHealth Caritasn/an/aLiveLiveIn ProgressLive (Payer Portal)
Aria HealthYesYesLiveLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
CHOPYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Crozer-Keystone Health SystemYesYesLive LiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Doylestown HospitalYesYesLive (Doylestown Healthcare Partnership)LiveLiveLive (Hospital/ED)
Einstein Healthcare NetworkYesYesLiveLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Grand View HealthYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDIn Progress
Hahnemann University Hospitaln/aNoLive (ENS for Hospitals)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Health Partners Plansn/an/aLiveLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Holy RedeemerNoNoMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDIn Progress
Independence Blue Crossn/an/aLiveLiveLiveLive (Payer Portal)
Jefferson HealthYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDLive
Main Line HealthYesYesLiveMember Readiness TBDLiveMember Readiness TBD
Mercy Health System (Trinity)In ProgressNoLive (Mercy Accountable Care and Mercy Home Health)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDIn Progress
Penn MedicineYesYesLive Member Readiness TBDLiveMember Readiness TBD
Prime Healthcare – Lower BucksYesYes – ED onlyMember Readiness TBDLiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Prime Healthcare - Roxboroughn/aYesLive (ENS for Hospitals)LiveMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
Prime Healthcare - Suburban Community HospitalNoNoMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
St. Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenNoYesLive (St. Chris Pediatric Associates)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBD
St. Mary Medical Center (Trinity)NoNoLive (Quality Health Alliance)Member Readiness TBDMember Readiness TBDLive (Quality Health Alliance Portal Access)
Temple HealthYesYesLive (TUP & TPI)Member Readiness TBDIn ProgressIn Progress


Organization Type

Data Source ID

ADT Data Feed

C-CDA Data Feed

Lab Data Feed


Abramson Center for Jewish LifePost Acute Care FacilitySNHMay 2017N/AN/AN/A
ACTS Retirement Communities
Brittany Pointe EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS6November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Fort Washington EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS18November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Granite Farms EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS21November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Lima EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS36November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Normandy Farms EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS45November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Southhampton EstatesPost Acute Care FacilityACTS54November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Alliance Cancer SpecialistsIndependent PracticeIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
American Academic Health System
Hahnemann University HospitalAcute Care HospitalHAHNNSeptember 2016TBDSeptember 2017TBD
St. Christopher's Hospital for ChildrenAcute Care HospitalSTCHRNSeptember 2016TBDSeptember 2017TBD
St. Christopher's Pediatric AssociatesIndependent PracticeIn ProgressIn ProgressN/AN/A
Attleboro Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityATTL1November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Buckingham Valley Rehabilitation Nursing CenterPost Acute Care FacilityBUCKNovember 2018TBDN/AN/A
Cardiology Consultants of PhiladelphiaIndependent PracticeCCPJanuary 2018January 2018N/AN/A
Caregivers America Home HealthHome Health OrganizationCGADecember 2018TBDN/AN/A
Cheltenham Nursing and RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilityIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
CHOPAcute Care HospitalCHOPJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
CHOP Care NetworkHealth System PracticesCHOPAMAugust 2017TBDN/AN/A
Clarke & Gardner Internal MedicineIndependent PracticeCLGDAugust 2018July 2018N/AN/A
Christ's HomePost Acute Care FacilityCHRIST1July 2019
Community Health and Dental CareFederally Qualified Health CenterCHDCDIn ProgressFebruary 2018N/AN/A
Deer Meadows Post Acute Care FacilityMarch 2019TBDN/AN/A
Delaware Valley Community HealthFederally Qualified Health CenterDVCHFebruary 2018February 2018N/AN/A
DePaul Healthcare
Angela Jane PavilionPost Acute Care FacilityDPHAJPSeptember 2018TBDN/AN/A
River's Edge Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityDPHRESeptember 2018TBDN/AN/A
Doylestown Health
Doylestown ambulatory practicesHealth System PracticesDOHAMBTBDJanuary 2018N/AN/A
Doylestown HospitalAcute Care HospitalDOHApril 2015August 2016 (Hospital C-CDA)TBDJune 2018
Pine Run Retirement CommunityPost Acute Care FacilityPRHCJune 2018TBDN/AN/A
Einstein Healthcare Network
Einstein ambulatory practicesHealth System PracticesENHFApril 2015September 2016N/AN/A
Einstein Medical Center Elkins ParkAcute Care HospitalMREPApril 2015September 2016September 2017TBD
Einstein Medical Center MontgomeryAcute Care HospitalEMCMApril 2015September 2016September 2017TBD
Einstein Medical Center PhiladelphiaAcute Care HospitalAEMCApril 2015September 2016September 2017TBD
Einstein Moss RehabRehab HospitalMOSSApril 2015September 2016N/AN/A
Einstein Willowcrest Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityWCBApril 2015September 2016N/AN/A
Esperanza Health CenterFederally Qualified Health CenterIn ProgressIn ProgressN/AN/A
Genesis Healthcare
Brandywine HallPost Acute Care FacilityGHC133March 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Chapel ManorPost Acute Care FacilityGHC131August 2018September 2018N/AN/A
Crestview CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC083November 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Edgehill Nursing and RehabilitiationPost Acute Care FacilityGHC248March 2019March 2019N/AN/A
Hillcrest CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC122August 2018September 2018In ProgressIn Progress
Hopkins CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC183March 2019March 2019N/AN/A
Mifflin CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC091March 2019March 2019N/AN/A
Norriton Square Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC121November 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Pennsburg ManorPost Acute Care FacilityGHC151March 2019March 2019N/AN/A
Powerback Rehabilitation, ExtonPost Acute Care FacilityGHC627March 2019March 2019N/AN/A
Powerback Rehabilitation, Lombard StreetPost Acute Care FacilityGHC185March 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Powerback Rehabilitation, MoorestownPost Acute Care FacilityGHC381August 2018September 2018N/AN/A
Powerback Rehabilitation, PhoenixvillePost Acute Care FacilityGHC273November 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Powerback Rehabilitation, Route 73Post Acute Care FacilityGHC284August 2018September 2018N/AN/A
Powerback Rehabilitation, Davisville RoadPost Acute Care FacilityGHC146March 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Quakertown CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC150November 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Sanatoga CourtPost Acute Care FacilityGHC152November 2017May 2018N/AN/A
The Belvedere Post Acute Care FacilityGHC100August 2018September 2018N/AN/A
Wayne CenterPost Acute Care FacilityGHC134March 2017May 2018N/AN/A
Grand View Health
Grand View HospitalAcute Care HospitalGVHSeptember 2017In ProgressIn ProgressTBD
Grand View Medical PracticesHealth System PracticesGVHAMBTBDIn ProgressN/AN/A
Greater Philadelphia Health Action Federally Qualified Health CenterIn Progress In ProgressN/AN/A
Holy Redeemer
Holy Redeemer Physician ServicesHealth System PracticesTBDIn ProgressN/AN/A
Holy Redeemer HospitalAcute Care HospitalHRHSSeptember 2015TBDSeptember 2017TBD
Holy Redeemer LafayettePost Acute Care FacilityIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
Holy Redeemer St. Joseph ManorPost Acute Care FacilityIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
Jefferson Health
Abington Memorial HospitalAcute Care HospitalAHMHJune 2015TBDAugust 2017TBD
Abington - Lansdale HospitalAcute Care HospitalAHLHJune 2015TBDAugust 2017TBD
Abington Health PhysiciansHealth System PracticesAHMHPPNovember 2015TBDN/AN/A
Jefferson Bucks HospitalAcute Care HospitalABCCApril 2015July 2017September 2018TBD
Jefferson Cherry Hill HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHCHHAugust 2018TBDTBDTBD
Jefferson Community Physicians (Aria)Health System PracticesTJUAMBTBDTBDN/AN/A
Jefferson Frankford HospitalAcute Care HospitalAFCApril 2015July 2017September 2018TBD
Jefferson Home Care and HospiceHome Health OrganizationAJHCOctober 2018TBDN/AN/A
Jefferson Hospital for NeuroscienceAcute Care HospitalJHNHSeptember 2015August 2018TBDTBD
Jefferson Medical Group New JerseyHealth System PracticesTBDTBDN/AN/A
Jefferson Stratford HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHSHAugust 2018TBDTBDTBD
Jefferson Torresdale HospitalAcute Care HospitalATCApril 2015July 2017September 2018TBD
Jefferson University PhysiciansHealth System PracticesTJUAMBSeptember 2017September 2017TBDTBD
Jefferson Washington Township HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHWTHAugust 2018TBDTBDTBD
Methodist HospitalAcute Care HospitalMHDESeptember 2015August 2018TBDTBD
Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty HospitalSpecialty HospitalROSHSeptember 2018November 2018N/AN/A
Thomas Jefferson University HospitalAcute Care HospitalTJHSeptember 2015August 2018TBDTBD
La Comunidad HispanaFederally Qualified Health CenterIn ProgressIn ProgressTBDTBD
Lower Merion Family MedicineIndependent PracticeLWMERAugust 2018July 2018N/AN/A
Main Line Health
Bryn Mawr HospitalAcute Care HospitalBGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)TBDTBD
Bryn Mawr Rehab HospitalRehab HospitalRGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)N/AN/A
Lankenau Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalLGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)TBDTBD
Main Line HealthCare ambulatory practicesHealth System PracticesMLHPDecember 2015July 2018N/AN/A
Paoli HospitalAcute Care HospitalPGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)TBDTBD
Riddle HospitalAcute Care HospitalDGEMay 20159/1/2017 (No Data Between 3/1/2018 and 7/1/2018)TBDTBD
Majestic Oaks Nursing and RehabilitationPost Acute Care FacilityMAJO5December 2018TBDN/AN/A
Manor Care Health Services
Huntingdon ValleyPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS175September 2018TBDN/AN/A
King of PrussiaPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS173 September 2018TBDN/AN/A
MontgomeryvillePost Acute Care FacilityMCHS114September 2018TBDN/AN/A
Oxford ValleyPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS174September 2018TBDN/AN/A
PottstownPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS113September 2018TBDN/AN/A
WallingfordPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS177September 2018TBDN/AN/A
YeadonPost Acute Care FacilityMCHS178September 2018TBDN/AN/A
Marquis Health Care Services
Kearsley HousePost Acute Care OrganizationIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
Providence Rehabilitation and Healthcare CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
MIMA Healthcare
Care Pavilion Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationMIMA4March 2019TBDN/AN/A
Cliveden Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationMIMA5March 2019TBDN/AN/A
Maplewood Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationMIMA9March 2019TBDN/AN/A
Parkhouse Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationMIMA10March 2019TBDN/AN/A
Tuckerhouse Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationMIMA7March 2019TBDN/AN/A
York Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationMIMA8March 2019TBDN/AN/A
Nationwide Healthcare Services
Brookside Healthcare and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationNATW4April 2019TBDN/AN/A
Laurel Square Healthcare and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationNATW7April 2019TBDN/AN/A
Renissance Healthcare and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationNATW6April 2019TBDN/AN/A
Sterling Healthcare and Rehabilitation CenterPost Acute Care OrganizationNATW3April 2019TBDN/AN/A
Ninth Street Internal MedicineIndependent PracticeNSIMDAugust 2018June 2018N/AN/A
Penn Medicine
Chester County HospitalAcute Care HospitalCCHMay 2015TBDTBDTBD
Clinical Care Associates - ambulatoryHealth System PracticesPENAMBMay 2018TBDN/AN/A
Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania - ambulatoryHealth System PracticesPENAMBMay 2018TBDN/AN/A
Penn-Presybyterian HospitalAcute Care HospitalPMCJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
Pennsylvania HospitalAcute Care HospitalPAHJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
University of Pennsylvania HospitalAcute Care HospitalHUPJuly 2017TBDTBDTBD
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineIndependent PracticePCOMMay 2018May 2018N/AN/A
Pickering ManorPost Acute Care FacilityPCKMNRDecember 2018TBDN/AN/A
Prime Healthcare
Lower Bucks HospitalAcute Care HospitalLBHSeptember 2015 (No data after September 2018)TBDTBDTBD
Roxborough Memorial HospitalAcute Care HospitalRMHOctober 2015 (No data after September 2018)TBDTBDTBD
Suburban Community HospitalAcute Care HospitalTBDTBDTBDTBD
Project HOMEFederally Qualified Health CenterIn ProgressIn ProgressN/AN/A
Prospect Healthcare
Crozer-Chester Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalCCMCMay 2015TBDIn ProgressTBD
Crozer Keystone Health Network - ambulatoryHealth System PracticesTBDTBDN/AN/A
Delaware County Memorial HospitalAcute Care HospitalDCMHMay 2015TBDIn ProgressTBD
Springfield HospitalAcute Care HospitalSPGFMay 2015TBDIn ProgressTBD
Taylor HospitalAcute Care HospitalTAYLMay 2015TBDIn ProgressTBD
Public Health Management CorporationFederally Qualified Health CenterIn ProgressIn ProgressN/AN/A
Residentialist Housecall Medical GroupIndependent PracticeRESHCAugust 2018August 2018N/AN/A
Smith MedicineIndependent PracticeSMMEDAugust 2018August 2018N/AN/A
Temple Health
Fox Chase Cancer CenterSpecialty HospitalFCCSeptember 2015TBDTBDTBD
Jeanes HospitalAcute Care HospitalJHSeptember 2015October 2016TBDTBD
Temple Physicians, Inc.Health System PracticesIn ProgressIn ProgressTBDN/A
Temple University HospitalAcute Care HospitalTUHSeptember 2015In ProgressTBDTBD
Temple University PhysiciansHealth System PracticesIn ProgressIn ProgressTBDN/A
The Hill at WhitemarshPost Acute Care FacilityIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
Tel Hai Retirement CommunityPost Acute Care FacilityTELH1November 2018TBDN/AN/A
Trinity HealthIn ProgressTBDN/AN/A
Langhorne Physician ServicesHealth System PracticesTBDTBDN/AN/A
Mercy Fitzgerald HospitalAcute Care HospitalFTZAugust 2016In ProgressIn ProgressTBD
Mercy Home HealthHome Health OrganizationMHHJuly 2018TBDTBDTBD
Mercy Nazareth HospitalAcute Care HospitalNAZAugust 2016In ProgressIn ProgressTBD
Mercy Philadelphia HospitalAcute Care HospitalPHLAugust 2016In ProgressIn ProgressTBD
Mercy Physician NetworkHealth System PracticesTBDTBDN/AN/A
St. Mary Medical CenterAcute Care HospitalMLPNovember 2016In ProgressAugust 2018TBD


PA-Electronic Lab Reporting

Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM)

PA-Statewide Immunization Information System (PA-SIIS)

PA Cancer Registry

Abington – Jefferson HealthLive
Crozer Keystone Health SystemLive
Grand View Health Live
Mercy Health System (Trinity)Live
Penn MedicineLive
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineIn Progress
St. Mary Medical Center (Trinity)Live
The table above provides a snapshot of all current HSX members that are either connected to the Public Health Gateway (PHG) registries or in the process of establishing a connection. As additional connections are established with members, this table will be updated accordingly.
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