Population Health

Population Health Metrics

HSX serves as the data aggregator and reporting source for the Greater Phila. Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), a national CMS initiative that aims to strengthen primary care. 

Health plan enrollees represented in Greater Philadelphia
Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Program data
Portion of Independence Blue Cross and Aetna CPC+-participating
primary care practices included in HSX’s Performance Reporting Portal (188 practices)

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus

HealthShare Exchange (HSX) provides an interactive web portal on healthcare quality to health plans and providers in the Greater Philadelphia Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Program. HSX serves as the data aggregator.

Participating CPC+ practices receive actionable feedback to guide decision-making via quarterly reports on more than a dozen CPC+ quality measures. HealthShare Exchange generates quality measures for Medicare Advantage and Fee for Service enrollees from claims data provided by HSX members and program partners Independence Blue Cross and Aetna, and from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus

HSX partners with OnPoint Health Data to process and aggregate claims data from the CPC+ program’s health plan partners.  Graph illustrates number of days for files from each payor to be processed, aggregated, and accepted through user testing — all steps required before HSX publishes the results in its CPC+ Performance Reporting Portal.

Population Health Reporting and Analytics

The HSX Population Health Program is poised to be a leader in supporting data-driven population health efforts in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. The HSX clinical data repository is a robust data set that can be used to solve a multitude of healthcare challenges. HSX assets that support population health endeavors include:

    Normalized and standardized health data for more than 9 million patients;
  • Over 14,500 participating providers and unique pathways to deliver the right information at the right time within provider workflow to improve patient outcomes;
  • More than 2,000 healthcare facilities participating throughout the continuum of care, including eight health plans, which enriches the data value for all users.
Population Health
Reporting and Analytics

Provides access to a robust healthcare data set of encounter-level and clinical information. HSX member organizations conducting population health initiatives can use HSX data to support disease monitoring, outbreaks, community health needs assessments, prevention initiatives, and more. Timeline indicates current and earlier areas of program activity. 

  • Timeline

    December 2018
    Executive Utilization Quarterly Report Aggregate utilization data for recipient member facilities compared to overall HSX community.
    January 2019
    Data Across all Sectors for Health Project Collaborative data sharing with PACE and BD Trust to facilitate enrollment in community assistance programs.
    March 2019
    Regional Community Health Needs Assessment ED and high utilizer reports by zip code and by age across a four-county region.